Common Problems and Solutions

Wouldn't it be nice if nothing ever went wrong.

In time I will build up a list of the more common problems encountered by GT owners - squeaky rear hatches, condensation in rear light clusters, broken indicator repeaters, faulty window mechanisms etc.

Please use the contact page to send me details of any problems you have had with your GT, and better yet, successful solutions.

The Dreaded Tailgate Rattle

There are several different causes for the tailgate rattle, and indeed describing it as a 'rattle' can be misleading. Some movement of the tailgate due to loose hinges can cause an irritating squeak as the rubber seals shift against the metal and glass. The best solution for this is regular applications of silicone polish, or even Preparation H pile ointment (so I'm told) to the rubber seal itself.

There are other sources of rattling that can be pinpointed inside the car itself. If the rear seats have been folded forward and not replaced properly, they will rattle and creak over bumps and twisty roads. Likewise anything stored in the two little cubbyholes in the boot may rattle and sound like a herd of irate elephants. Check also that the spare wheel and tools are all properly secured, and that the ski-hatch behind the rear seat central armrest is properly latched home.

More serious is the noise made by a flexing of the bodyshell due to poor or missing spot welds on the top crossmember above the hatchback opening. This is a recognised problem with pre-06 cars, and Alfa Romeo have an official fix for it. The rubber seal, rear trim and various other bits and bobs are removed, then two short bolts are fixed through the internal bodywork, rigidly clamping things together. The picture below shows the AR workshop instructions. Click on the thumbnail for a full size picture to download.

Alfa Romeo GT - tailgate rattle fix.

This is a fairly time-consuming procedure, and not something you should try at home, as the removed fabric headlining has to be glued back into place. It may be useful, however, to have the above worksheet to help when trying to explain to your dealer what you think is wrong with the car.

Wayward Windows

The windows on the GT are designed to drop down a short distance when you open the door, then go back up again when you close them. They also have a function whereby holding the button for a short while will activate the window to either go down completely or come up. Sometimes this doesn't work, for a variety of reasons, and some owners have reported incidences of windows mysteriously opening themselves when the car has been left unattended.

Like all the electrics in the GT, the window system is multiplex wired and relies on many sensors and a central control unit to tie everything together. When this gets confused, it is possible to do a soft reset it in the following manner.

Lower both windows at the same time, holding the buttons down for ten seconds after they've reached the bottom. Raise them both together, again holding the buttons in place for ten seconds after they've fully closed. This should sort the problem, but it may come back. The definitive solution seems to be a software update to version 15, which would obviously have to be done by a main dealer. Apparently version 14 is still buggy, so insist on version 15 or higher.