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See the lovely red leather interior of the GT. Not at all tacky, no.

At Chester Racecourse

Travelling through the Scottish Highlands - Jan 08 (2)

Travelling through the Scottish Highlands - Jan 08

Scotland again.

Just how much stuff can you fit in a GT?

In Scotland

New wheels Jan 2010

Interior Jan 2010

Not a GT


My GT 3.2 V6 - Lovely!!!!

Rear three quarters - as seen by a lot of cars as I whizz past...

GT in Dolomites (Italy)

A black GT???

A cold day in Rivington.

Black, Yellow and Red the colours of Italy.

My 3.2 V6!


Buying strawberries

GT V6 270BHP

GT 3.2 V6 270BHP Q2

GT Q2 V6 270BHP

GT 3.2 V6 Back

Returning to Isle of Man

On way from Davos to Stelvio, 2013...

Love the grey leather interior have replaced gear lever and handbrake gaiters with decent leather oned with grey stitching also satin ali gear knob has grey stitching on leather insert

Prefer 17" GTA wheels to spoked 18" and I had a spare one from GTV!

Headlamp washers useful dsriving fen roads in winter plenty of mud!

GT with 1998 phase 1 V6 GTV that I sold locally to make way for it

Gorgeous colour! Need to repaint brake claipers though.

Alfa red and tan leather

Wash & brush up after awful weather

Another of of my clover 170 :-)

GT cloverleaf 170 on eibach pro s coilovers and eibach ARB kit.

Alfa GT 3.2 GT Q2 above Howtown at Martindale, Ulswater.

Alfa GT 3.2 V6 at the top of Hartside Pass.

Now that's what I call an engine. The final version of the Giuseppe Busso V6, the 3.2 24 Valve V6.

Windermere, Lake District

Ghost engine "if you've got it, then flaunt it"

Gt 3.2 V6 "there's something mean lurking in them thar woods

Black mask & projector HID lights, smoked front & side repeaters + Anthracite wheels, mmm mean looking.

Australian 2006 Black V6 GT

Horseshoe pass. Llangollen

Gt 3.2 V6